First year portfolio

For my portfolio, I was told that I had gotten a high merit which I was quite happy with getting, although I didn’t like my portfolio itself as I think it could have been done a lot better. For next year things, I would like to change about my portfolio would be how I actually presented it as I would quite negative in some aspects which I didn’t realize at the time, it wasn’t about big things just small things that I could have gone without saying. Other things I would like to change would be how the presentation was laid out as it didn’t really look professional and looked quite messy having four images on one screen when there could have been one. The lectures said overall the work was pretty good but I need to further develop my eye for detail as it was just little things in my work that if I changed would have made them look a lot better and this was in different types of work including Animation and VFX, the lectures also said that they would have liked to seen more concept art as I was lacking in that department.


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