3D Retopology / Model update.

Toady in Matt’s lesson we were shown a few things about retopology and how to actually do it. As a basic run down you wanted to make your mesh a live surface meaning everything will stick to it, then use the quad draw tool to start making polygons around the modeling keeping in mind how you want the flow of the model to be like around the eyes, mouth etc. Then when you have done this and learnt all the shortcuts to increase the efficiency of your time you can to use the shrink wrap tool to make some of the tedious places like the arms a little more bearable.

For an update of the model project, I have  made the base shape for everything by using the curves tool and then making sure I have selected the tool to make polygons and not NURBS at which point i used the revolve tool make a object although with mine i had a ton of Ngons which i had to go and fix by retopologizing the model, once I had done this the model has lost a lot of detail meaning next time I work on this model I’ll be adding details and making things how i wanted so I can make the high poly model for baking.


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