Model Update, Low Poly Done!

In this lesson with Matt we were asked to work on our models further and too look into what texel density was and its basically making sure that the texture resolution is fluid throughout the whole model or scene.

Onto the model, this week I decided to improve upon the handle as well as model a ball with spikes on which will be connected by the chains which i have also modeled and placed using the parenting hierarchy. Currently i’m happy with the chains and the spiky ball but I think I may improve upon the handle since everything is looking like one object where i would like to have visible places where metal has been stuck on and where screws are but these may all just be added with normal maps and textures.

For the next lessons i will be making the high poly model to bake down and then taking everything into substance painter to texture and possible add some more details with normal mapsWIASD.png.


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