Flash, coding shapes

Today in Ant’s lesson we used the program flash’s action tool to code shapes into a scene, we then used these to generate a picture, when doing this I chose to make a blue background with clouds tress and a house.

To make the trees we had to draw a circle and fill it with our desired colours, then we had to draw a rectangle to represent the trunk of the tree. When we had both of our shapes we then had to position then properly to where the shapes resemble a tree, we did these steps to make the rest of the scene ranging from the clouds to the house. The house was the only thing that needed different coding for compared with the rest of the scene, this is because there is no pre-set shape for a triangle meaning you had to move to the location you wanted and then needed to draw straight lines in a triangle shape using coordinates, obviously we only needed this for the roof of the house as the rest of the house had pre-set shapes that could be used.house-blog


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